YEM on the International Stage

The Young European Movement UK is a national section of the Young European Federalists, from the French Jeunes Européenes Fédéralistes, which is abbreviated to JEF. The European HQ is in Brussels and consists of a Secretary General as well as a small team of interns. JEF is an independent non-profit youth association which pursues its objectives autonomously and independently from all political parties. A ratified agreement between JEF, the Union of the European Federalists (UEF), and the European Movement International (EMI) guides the relations of the three organisations. Membership of JEF lapses at the age of 35, and also grants you membership of UEF and EMI.


Amongst its objectives JEF promotes true European citizenship, strives for a just and integrated society, and works for a deepening and broadening of the EU. Those objectives are key for peace and the creation of a democratic European federation.


The statutory bodies comprise of the European Congress, Federal Committee, Executive Board (EB), Arbitration Board, and Auditors Committee. The first three are arguably the most relevant for JEFers at all levels, to be discussed here.

The Congress is the General Assembly of JEF Europe composed of exactly 100 delegates. Each national section has at least one delegate, therefore at least one vote. Each national vote holder is selected by the national board of the sending country. During the Congress: it elects for a two year mandate the Executive Board;  approves annual accounts; discharges the outgoing EB after the approval of its administration; if need be, modifies the Statutes. This happens once every two years in the fall of an odd year.

The Federal Committee consists of the Presidents of each national section, 16 directly elected members, and the EB. The FC elects the Presidium to chair the FC, it has the control over the decisions of the EB and the administration of the Secretariat, and appoints the SG for two years on the recommendation of the EB. The FC meetings are twice a year, with the exception of an odd year when the Congress takes precedence, therefore there are three FCs in every two years. Each national section has one vote each, whilst candidate sections (aspiring to full national membership) are observers and do not yet have a vote, however can listen and discuss all of the matters on the agenda proving that the absence of a vote doesn’t mean you have to be silent and in the background.
The EB is composed of the President, two VPs (senior and junior), Treasurer, four general members, as well as the Secretary General. The SG is the only paid member of the EB and does not have a vote. The EB does the overall management of the organisation, initiates legal actions, and looks after the sections. All meetings unless otherwise stated are open to the FC members although they are limited to only listening.


JEF Policies are adopted through resolutions passed at the FCs or the Congress, and lapse after 2.5 years unless specifically re-approved. For example, during the fall 2016 FC in Cologne, YEM UK has worked and voted on a Brexit resolution calling for support from other sections.


JEF comprises of three Political Commissions which write and welcome resolutions from sections.

The PCs are open to all JEF members, therefore we highly encourage you to check them out, and start JEFing.


Along with the PCs, there are Task Forces dedicated to moving the organisation forward, which are open to everyone:

If you have any questions, please message Chris on president[at]yem.org.uk