Civic Tech Seminar, Edinburgh

YEM UK was pleased to join our friends JEF Europe to host the first seminar of 2017, “Discovering Civic Tech” in Edinburgh! The 5-day event saw participants from all over Europe join local YEMers to discuss the pros and cons, challenges and future of technology and democracy in Europe. As part of a series of Read more about Civic Tech Seminar, Edinburgh[…]

Re-Booting Europe @ School

By Chris Stenseth, UK Europe @ School Co-Ordinator We are finally ready for the re-launch of one of the Young European Movement’s most popular initiatives!   It is with great pride that we want to introduce you to our new Europe @ School programme, and the process that has been taking place over the last Read more about Re-Booting Europe @ School[…]

YEM’s Treasurer- A Rare Young Thoroughbred

By Jo Roddy, UK Treasurer YEM UK’s Treasurer and youngest board member, Jo Roddy reflects on what it means to be a non-student, a pro-European and a YEMer.   So, I admit as an opening title it’s a weird one! Hopefully with a bit more explanation the title will become clear   I’m Jo Roddy, Read more about YEM’s Treasurer- A Rare Young Thoroughbred[…]

What is the #GreatBritishImmigrant Campaign?

Following the EU referendum, we at YEM UK were certainly shocked and disappointed with the outcome of the result. This is not to say we all held the same view on the EU. We are an inclusive church, bringing together a number of different views on the role of the EU, the meaning of Europe, Read more about What is the #GreatBritishImmigrant Campaign?[…]

More than anything, Britain needs Remoaners

By Juuso Järviniemi “Get over it, don’t you realise that you lost!?” “Remoaners trying to stop us from exercising the will of the British people!” It’s not easy to be a Remainer with an opinion in Brexit Britain. As Theresa May’s government is pulling Britain out of not only the European Union but, it seems, Read more about More than anything, Britain needs Remoaners[…]