Press Release: Supreme Court Ruling 24th January 2017

Supreme Court Ruling -24/01/2017 Press Release from Young European Movement UK Tuesday 24th January 2017 This morning, the Supreme Court has ruled that the government cannot activate Article 50 (thus opening the two year window for negotiations over Brexit) without first consulting Parliament. Upholding the sovereignty of Parliament is a decision which the Young European Read more about Press Release: Supreme Court Ruling 24th January 2017[…]

Scotland: Visions for a European Future

By Juuso Järviniemi 5.295 million. That’s less than one tenth of the overall population of the United Kingdom (64.1 million), but Scotland plays a bigger role in the Brexit debate than its relative size. A considerable majority of Scottish voters expressed their wish to remain in the European Union on June 23, and with that Read more about Scotland: Visions for a European Future[…]

More than anything, Britain needs Remoaners

By Juuso Järviniemi “Get over it, don’t you realise that you lost!?” “Remoaners trying to stop us from exercising the will of the British people!” It’s not easy to be a Remainer with an opinion in Brexit Britain. As Theresa May’s government is pulling Britain out of not only the European Union but, it seems, Read more about More than anything, Britain needs Remoaners[…]

Reflections of a heartbroken Euroholic

By Georgia Bachti, YEM UK Treasurer   From scaremongering and elitism to loss of touch with the public and blind submission to corporate interests, the Remain side became the target of various accusations in the months leading up to the referendum. When engaging with them, Remainers passionately rejected them as dishonest communication ploys. The morning Read more about Reflections of a heartbroken Euroholic[…]

Brexit and a Federal Europe

By Ariane Forgues ‘If Europe has not moved towards a federation of states yet, that is simply because the Brits didn’t want to.’ Oh, how spread that idea is amongst continental federalists! Oh, how easy things would be if such was today’s situation! Actually, why is Europe still waiting to become a federation now that Read more about Brexit and a Federal Europe[…]

Musings on Brexit by Liam Mcdonald

By Liam McDonald   On the 24th June I wrote to my branches in Scotland to express my devastation and my pain as well as my personal gratitude for their hard work throughout the campaign. This was certainly not a situation I had anticipated on the night of the count. As we now wander through Read more about Musings on Brexit by Liam Mcdonald[…]

Turn Up the Volume: Time to Get Involved

Voted Bremain? Still want your voice heard? It’s time for us to turn up the volume. By joining YEM UK for just £5 a year, yo have the chance to work together with great people, travel the continent and shape the Europe of the future. We’re still European, and so are you, so what are Read more about Turn Up the Volume: Time to Get Involved[…]

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