QOTM: Employment Prospects for Young People

By Chris Powers – YEM UK International Officer To be fairly blunt: the younger generations have been well and truly screwed over by the Age of Austerity, and with Gideon Osbourne’s budget announcement on 8th July, things are only getting worse. The youth unemployment rate is the highest it has been for a long time. Read more about QOTM: Employment Prospects for Young People[…]

What is the Greek Government’s Agenda?

The Greek people voted “No” on Sunday, but Greece’s then Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis clarified yesterday: “’NO’ means YES to a democratic Europe!” Soon afterwards he resigned from his post as Minister of Finance and left us wondering about what his and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ agenda has been all along. For me the questions are whether Tsipras and Co. who call themselves “Marxists” are naïve or calculated and whether this really makes a Read more about What is the Greek Government’s Agenda?[…]

June QOTM: Victory of the Yes Vote in the EU Referendum

By YEM St Andrews What will happen following the victory of the Yes vote in the EU referendum? A probable (although altogether uncertain) victory for the “Yes” campaign in the European referendum would hardly alter the political topography of the British establishment: there will still be ardently Eurosceptic Conservatives and UKIP’s fate will be unchanged Read more about June QOTM: Victory of the Yes Vote in the EU Referendum[…]


By Gael Sirello & Hristo Boshnakov The heart of the UK is also European: let’s ensure it will not be broken by the 2017 Referendum. By Gael Sirello (President of YEM Oxford) & Hristo Boshnakov (Vice-President of YEM Oxford) The future of the UK is bound indisputably to the whole European Union. The heart of many British citizens pulses with European values, ideals Read more about QOTM: UK <3 EU[…]

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