The EU is Scrapping Roaming Charges!

Have you heard the news?! As of 30th April 2016, the EU placed a cap on roaming charges with a view to completely abolishing them in 2017. Find out how much we will save and the impact it will have with our animated video: Roaming Charges in the EU Celebrate the beginning of the end Read more about The EU is Scrapping Roaming Charges![…]

What is the Greek Government’s Agenda?

The Greek people voted “No” on Sunday, but Greece’s then Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis clarified yesterday: “’NO’ means YES to a democratic Europe!” Soon afterwards he resigned from his post as Minister of Finance and left us wondering about what his and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ agenda has been all along. For me the questions are whether Tsipras and Co. who call themselves “Marxists” are naïve or calculated and whether this really makes a Read more about What is the Greek Government’s Agenda?[…]

Why Remain?

By Tim Otway – Treasurer In celebration of Europe Day and to mark the common EU <3 UK action, what is the best reason for people residing in the UK to love the EU? (no limits on quirkiness) By Tim Otway from YEM Warwick This month we were fortunate enough to welcome our university’s Chancellor Read more about Why Remain?[…]

May Activity Report: YEM Warwick

This month we had a talk from Sir Richard Lambert who is our university’s Chancellor and formerly both the Editor of the Financial Times and Director General of the Confederation of British Industry. A slightly disappointing turnout, only to be expected during exam-season, meant we had a more intimate Q&A session as a result. Sir Read more about May Activity Report: YEM Warwick[…]