Europe in Space

By Liam McDonald, UK President Brexit may be the fashionable topic amongst fellow Europeans but I would like to talk about something different. I’d like to talk about space. About the wonder that is our solar system, our galaxy, our universe. As a former Physics student turned Mathematician (I know you might not think they Read more about Europe in Space[…]

Trump and Brexit: What Now?

By Robert Heslop, YEM London Brexit Britain, what a wonderful vision. Free of the shackles of Brussels, the buccaneering UK will be able to strike free trade across the globe, the UK’s security will be secured through membership of NATO and in a generation people will wonder why the UK ever joined the EU?  Yet, Read more about Trump and Brexit: What Now?[…]

Scotland: Visions for a European Future

By Juuso Järviniemi 5.295 million. That’s less than one tenth of the overall population of the United Kingdom (64.1 million), but Scotland plays a bigger role in the Brexit debate than its relative size. A considerable majority of Scottish voters expressed their wish to remain in the European Union on June 23, and with that Read more about Scotland: Visions for a European Future[…]

Welcome to the #GreatBritishImmigrant Hall of Fame!

As part of YEM UK’s #GreatBritishImmigrant campaign, we are celebrating famous immigrants and refugees who have had a positive impact upon the UK. Have a browse through our hall of fame to get an idea of the amazing stuff immigrants do for the UK and be inspired to celebrate the #GreatBritishImmigrants who affect you! To Read more about Welcome to the #GreatBritishImmigrant Hall of Fame![…]

Reflections of a heartbroken Euroholic

By Georgia Bachti, YEM UK Treasurer   From scaremongering and elitism to loss of touch with the public and blind submission to corporate interests, the Remain side became the target of various accusations in the months leading up to the referendum. When engaging with them, Remainers passionately rejected them as dishonest communication ploys. The morning Read more about Reflections of a heartbroken Euroholic[…]

Brexit: a Real Stinging Sensation

By Liam McDonald, YEM UK International Officer Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a minor obsession with both the EU and with bees: so imagine my excitement when I was asked to write an article about the two. Over the last hundred years or so, bee populations have vastly decreased for a number Read more about Brexit: a Real Stinging Sensation[…]

Happy Europe Day! Here’s a Brief History…

The 9th of May marks the date when, in 1950, the Schuman Declaration was unveiled, beginning Europe’s transition from bloody battlefield to recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Here’s a recap of the last 70 years of change in Europe from YEM UK’s animated series…

The EU is Scrapping Roaming Charges!

Have you heard the news?! As of 30th April 2016, the EU placed a cap on roaming charges with a view to completely abolishing them in 2017. Find out how much we will save and the impact it will have with our animated video: Roaming Charges in the EU Celebrate the beginning of the end Read more about The EU is Scrapping Roaming Charges![…]

YEM UK’s Statement on the Paris Attacks

The Young European Movement of the United Kingdom stands with the rest of the world when we say that the news of the terrorist attacks on innocent civilians in France on Friday has shocked and appalled us. We offer our most sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims and we pay our Read more about YEM UK’s Statement on the Paris Attacks[…]

QOTM: How can one person make a difference – the first follower by Chris Powers:

One person can always make a difference, but the one person I want to focus on is not the idealistic hero that people always focus on, but the loyal first follower.  I watched a really very good TEDTalk on the idea of the First Follower, and the video is embedded just below: Basically, for any movement to Read more about QOTM: How can one person make a difference – the first follower by Chris Powers:[…]

YEM St Andrews: Refugee crisis in perspective report

On Monday, 12 October 2015, the Young European Movement St Andrews held its first event of the new academic year. More than sixty undergraduate and postgraduate students listened to presentations on the refugee crisis and discussed their views on the European Union’s response to this unprecedented challenge. Natasha Saunders, who is a committee member of ‘Refugee Action St Read more about YEM St Andrews: Refugee crisis in perspective report[…]

No, There is no EU ‘Propaganda’ in Schools, and it’s Worse Than You Think

Read what Chris Powers (our International Officer) has to say about European education in schools (or lack of!).   A friend of mine recently sent me an article written by a Raheem Kassam with the title “Yes, there is EU propaganda in schools, and it’s worse than you think (and no she didn’t buy the Read more about No, There is no EU ‘Propaganda’ in Schools, and it’s Worse Than You Think[…]

QOTM: UK <3 EU by Bettina Wolff

What is the best reason for people residing in the UK to love the EU? I think it is important to realise what “EU” actually stands for: EU is the acronym for European Union.  Therefore the question really is about loving the union within Europe or preferring nationalism. For me, the choice is obvious: In a globalised Read more about QOTM: UK <3 EU by Bettina Wolff[…]

QOTM: Employment Prospects for Young People

By Anna Wilson – Communications Officer for YEM UK Without delving into the depressing depths that are the employment statistics for European youth, it is safe to say that the scene is a pretty tragic one. Although varying vastly from state to state, the young people of Europe are being disproportionately affected by the consequences Read more about QOTM: Employment Prospects for Young People[…]

What is the Greek Government’s Agenda?

The Greek people voted “No” on Sunday, but Greece’s then Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis clarified yesterday: “’NO’ means YES to a democratic Europe!” Soon afterwards he resigned from his post as Minister of Finance and left us wondering about what his and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ agenda has been all along. For me the questions are whether Tsipras and Co. who call themselves “Marxists” are naïve or calculated and whether this really makes a Read more about What is the Greek Government’s Agenda?[…]