Fighting for Academic Freedom

By Chris Powers, UK President Fighting for academic freedom as part of a truly ‘European’ network Many of you will have no doubt seen and heard about the passing of a bill in Hungary that has the effect of restricting its best higher education institution, the Central European University, from operating. Some of you will Read more about Fighting for Academic Freedom[…]

Re-Booting Europe @ School

By Chris Stenseth, UK Europe @ School Co-Ordinator We are finally ready for the re-launch of one of the Young European Movement’s most popular initiatives!   It is with great pride that we want to introduce you to our new Europe @ School programme, and the process that has been taking place over the last Read more about Re-Booting Europe @ School[…]

Is it Time for a Social Europe?

By Chris Stenseth The European Union is at a crossroads. For about 60 years, there has been a seemingly never-ending integration process within the EU. Economically, our countries have come closer and created new bonds at an unprecedented rate, due to the effects of the single market and the four freedoms. However, this integration has Read more about Is it Time for a Social Europe?[…]

No, There is no EU ‘Propaganda’ in Schools, and it’s Worse Than You Think

Read what Chris Powers (our International Officer) has to say about European education in schools (or lack of!).   A friend of mine recently sent me an article written by a Raheem Kassam with the title “Yes, there is EU propaganda in schools, and it’s worse than you think (and no she didn’t buy the Read more about No, There is no EU ‘Propaganda’ in Schools, and it’s Worse Than You Think[…]

QOTM: A day in the life of Johannes Gutenberg

By Anna Wilson (Communications Officer of YEM UK) It seems my printing press is a success! Right now, I am using the ingenious idea of moveable type to write this message so it can be distributed quickly and cheaply to the masses. Without meaning to brag, life in Europe has changed dramatically since I created Read more about QOTM: A day in the life of Johannes Gutenberg[…]

QOTM: A day in the life of Napoleon Bonaparte

By Laura Krawczyk (Local Branch Officer) Not since the days of Rome, has a greater Empire existed than the one I have created. I am the supreme ruler and emperor who unites the world under the white, red and blue flag. Some thought of me as short, unfortunately they seem to have lost their heads Read more about QOTM: A day in the life of Napoleon Bonaparte[…]

QOTM: Employment Prospects for Young People

7.5 million Europeans between the ages of 15 and 24 are neither employed nor in education/training. It’s the kind of statistic we’ve become painfully used to seeing. And, to make things worse, it’s one that our generation even receives blame for. In line with a nostalgia for the good old days that lies behind several Read more about QOTM: Employment Prospects for Young People[…]

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