Notes on the French and British Elections

The result of the first round of the French Presidential election has provoked mixed feelings in YEM UK, but also a common sense of purpose, which relates both to France’s second round, and to the UK’s own General Election on June 8th. Firstly, we should say that we count in our membership a good many Read more about Notes on the French and British Elections[…]

Statement on the Snap General Election Announcement

YEM UK Press Release – June 8th Snap Election: Today we learned in a announcement from Theresa May that the UK will undergo a snap General Election on Thursday 8th June 2017. First of all, we should highlight that like many we were taken by surprise by the announcement. The more so because the Prime Read more about Statement on the Snap General Election Announcement[…]

Fighting for Academic Freedom

By Chris Powers, UK President Fighting for academic freedom as part of a truly ‘European’ network Many of you will have no doubt seen and heard about the passing of a bill in Hungary that has the effect of restricting its best higher education institution, the Central European University, from operating. Some of you will Read more about Fighting for Academic Freedom[…]

FC Report: Rome 2017

Escaping Brexit Britain for a few days, our representatives at the JEF Federal Committee in Rome made sure to make the most of their time, brandishing flags, voting for change and chatting with our continental friends. With all national JEF sections represented, the latest bi-annual statutory meeting took place in Italy’s historic capital, organised by Read more about FC Report: Rome 2017[…]

EGM Presidential By-Election

As a result of  Liam McDonald resigning from his position of UK President with six months left in the term, we are holding a by-election for his position. As specified in the emails sent to our members, manifestos were called for and the result will be announced on 1st April, 2017. An electronic voting system Read more about EGM Presidential By-Election[…]

Pigeon Chess: Why Arguing With the Brexit Brigade Just Won’t Work

By Anna Wilson, UK Communications Officer In an age of Brexit, the refugee crisis, “post truth” and sensationalist media, never has the term “pigeon chess” been more appropriate. Arguing with the irrational – as is now so often the case – is like attempting to play the game with a bird: no matter how clever Read more about Pigeon Chess: Why Arguing With the Brexit Brigade Just Won’t Work[…]

Civic Tech Seminar, Edinburgh

YEM UK was pleased to join our friends JEF Europe to host the first seminar of 2017, “Discovering Civic Tech” in Edinburgh! The 5-day event saw participants from all over Europe join local YEMers to discuss the pros and cons, challenges and future of technology and democracy in Europe. As part of a series of Read more about Civic Tech Seminar, Edinburgh[…]

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