Turn Up the Volume: Time to Get Involved

Voted Bremain? Still want your voice heard? It’s time for us to turn up the volume. By joining YEM UK for just £5 a year, yo have the chance to work together with great people, travel the continent and shape the Europe of the future. We’re still European, and so are you, so what are Read more about Turn Up the Volume: Time to Get Involved[…]

Happy Europe Day! Here’s a Brief History…

The 9th of May marks the date when, in 1950, the Schuman Declaration was unveiled, beginning Europe’s transition from bloody battlefield to recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Here’s a recap of the last 70 years of change in Europe from YEM UK’s animated series…

The EU is Scrapping Roaming Charges!

Have you heard the news?! As of 30th April 2016, the EU placed a cap on roaming charges with a view to completely abolishing them in 2017. Find out how much we will save and the impact it will have with our animated video: Roaming Charges in the EU Celebrate the beginning of the end Read more about The EU is Scrapping Roaming Charges![…]

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