Celebrate the #GreatBritishImmigrant!


We are a nation built on migration!

Join us to help celebrate our diverse society and promote peace and tolerance for all.


What is the #GreatBritishImmigrant campaign?

Launched in October 2016, our #GreatBritishImmigrant campaign was designed partly as a reaction to the heightened levels of xenophobia that followed the Brexit vote in June 2016, but also because migration is a huge part of the UK’s history and culture, and needs to be celebrated. By helping you to host events, hand out materials and raise awareness of the fantastic role that immigrants play in Great Britain, we hope to promote understanding, encourage intercultural exchange and eliminate xenophobia from our society.



What does it involve?

People who run the campaign at a local level are at liberty to decide how, when and where to carry out their activities. The YEM UK National Board is always on hand to provide support, advice and publicity. They have compiled a handy campaign guide full of suggestions and ideas that can be downloaded here.

As stated in the campaign guide, materials are available to help with your campaign!


Who can take part?

Both members and non-members are able to take part! Although YEM UK’s membership age limit is 35, there is no age limit on who can run this campaign. See the campaign guide for details.


 Founded in 1972, the Young European Movement UK is dedicated to supporting European values such as democracy, human rights and tolerance. Although we may not be a member of the EU for much longer, our convictions are not limited by membership of any organisation, so we will continue to campaign, support and generally kick up a fuss about the things that matter to us. Thank you for joining us!



Check out the #GreatBritishImmigrant Hall of Fame! Who else should be there? Let us know!