YEM St Andrews AGM


University of St Andrews

From 18:00 until 20:00

At Room 6, Library (3rd floor)

University of St Andrews

The Young European Movement Society is happy to announce its annual AGM, in Room 6 (library) at 6pm on Friday 25 April 2014.

The president will present a report of the annual activities, and the treasurer will give an account of the Society’s finances. We will then elect next year's committee.

Here are the positions available:


The Chair has a role of proposition and coordination within the society. He/she serves as a first point of contact between the Student Association and the Society. He/she maintains a good atmosphere of work and the smooth organization of the projects. In coordination with the Secretary, the Chair is responsible for providing the National Board of the Young European Movement with a bi-annual report on activities and eventually a list of the branch’s members.


The Secretary of the group is in charge of making internal communication work and developing the network of the association outside its local area. He or she should also take minutes during the meetings. Furthermore, in coordination with the communication manager, it is his or her duty to write reports on the events organized by the group. The Secretary is in charge of developing the external network of the Society.


The Treasurer maintains records of the Society’s financial activities in accordance with Association Guidelines. The Treasurer is in charge for budgeting the communication campaign and the events the group sets up. He shall search for funding.


The Communication Manager is responsible for all communication issues taking place within the local branch (internet, social networks, posters, flyers etc.). The Communication Manager is the one who is in charge of motivating people to attend the events.


These managers are in charge of the program “Europe at School” and must thus coordinate the organization of the sessions in local primary schools, recruit new people and advertise for the event.


The Recruitment/Year Representative Officer is in charge of promoting the Society among the students. The Recruitment/Year Representative Officer works with the Communication Manager to talk about the Society and its events and make sure they are viable in time and relevant in purpose. One is needed for the Sub Honours Level, and one for the Honours Level.


The Social Officer is in charge of organizing social and informal events to promote the society and create a platform of informal exchanges. He shall work with the Communication Manager, the Year Representatives and the Secretary General.

Please be aware that only paid members have the right to vote.You will be able to sign up for a membership at the beginning of the AGM. If you are not able to attend the AGM, you can still run for position and vote by proxy. We just need to know that in time, so please email us and we will arrange it together.

We have achieved great projects and we need your energy and dedication for next year!
Do not hesitate to run for any position. People willing to run for a position shall declare themselves during the AGM and will be asked to present a very brief account of their motivation and ideas.

See you on Friday!

The Young European Movement Society

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