JEF International seminar 2013

Paris, France

At Paris, France

Paris, France

JEF International Seminar JEF International seminar, Paris, France

Read the full call for participants here Deadline for applications: 20th August 2013 To apply please follow the link  For further details contact: or any of the YEM UK National Board.

The seminar "Culture and Democratic Citizenship Culture of Democratic Citizenship" aims to explore the links between Culture and Citizenship offering ideas and approaches to participating youth leaders which they can use on local level when working with youth.

The seminars' learning objectives are:

  • To share experiences on the topic of intercultural dialogue and the concepts of culture
  • To introduce the concept of democratic citizenship and explore the links it has with culture
  • To identify and discuss on differences and similarities between the values of European citizenship and the cultural values of the participants
  • To plan potential follow up strategies using the gained knowledge back on local level.

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