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We’ve been around since 1972, but who are YEM UK, how do we work and what do we do?

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The Young European Movement UK (YEM UK) was formed in 1972 as a non-partisan platform for under 35s to express their opinions on Europe. We are the UK branch of the JEF Europe and have a close relationship with the European Movement (EM) and our other partners. YEM UK is run by a network of enthusiastic members who volunteer their time to organise events, promote campaigns and spread our European messages to the people of Britain.

We are not a referendum campaign – in fact, very little of what we do is about the European Union. We focus on European values and culture, spanning everything from human rights and diverse societies to European foods and politically-themed film screenings.

We run a number of campaigns at a time. In the past, these have included European Parliamentary election awareness-raising, “Europe in Schools” and an “IN” campaign in the run-up to the referendum. Currently, we are giving our attention to two main themes: The European Convention on Human Rights and immigration in Britain (Check out our campaigns section for more details on this!).

YEM UK is run centrally by a National Board, elected yearly at our AGM. Each local branch is also run by a committeewho oversee all of the goings-on in their area. The National Board are here to help the local sections, as well as coordinate national campaigns and represent YEM UK overseas. Get to know our current National Board here!

Everyone at YEM UK is a volunteer, so every membership fee, donation and profit from our shop goes straight to maintaining our campaigns and growing the organisation.

Find out more about YEM on the international stage here!

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