YEM Model European Union 2017: The Council // Format and Draft Timetable

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Good to see that you are interested in the Model European Union session in Bristol! Below you will find more information about the format, as well as a draft timetable for the weekend.

The format

In Model European Union sessions, participants act as a European institution, simulating the decision-making process of the European Union. In our event, we will simulate the ordinary legislative procedure, where the European Parliament and the Council of the EU (also known as the Council of Ministers) are on an equal footing.

In the simulation in Bristol, you will be invited to play the role of a national-level minister at the Council of Ministers. Prior to the session, you will be assigned a person you will act as throughout the MEU, and information about what kind of a position the national government might take in the debate. The law proposals you will debate are related to the environment and human health.

In addition to information about the person you will represent, you will be given background information about the topics to be discussed; the original proposal by the European Commission; and the European Parliament’s position in its first reading. These will inform the discussion as you debate the national ministers’ collective position on the topics.

Draft schedule

The event will take place at Bristol YHA at 14 Narrow Quay, Bristol, BS1 4QA. The draft schedule for the weekend is as follows:

Day 1, Friday

12:00         Opening ceremony
Includes an address by a guest speaker.

12:30         Training session
Information about the rules of procedure; Q&A session; mock debate.

14:00         Lunch

15:00        Session 1
Exchanging views on the proposals, discussion on the background information.

17:00        Break

18:00         Dinner

20:00        Social Event


Day 2, Saturday:

8:30         Breakfast

10:00         Session 2
First reading on the proposals.

13:00        Lunch

14:00      YEM UK Annual General Meeting
Attendance is voluntary; alternative programme available for those not attending.

16:15        Session 3
Second reading on the proposals.

18:00         Break

19:30         Dinner in the city
Location to be confirmed.

21:30         Social event


Day 3, Sunday:

9:00         Breakfast

10:00         Session 4
Second reading on the proposals (cont.) or Conciliation Committee. Finishing the legislative procedure.

12:30         Closing ceremony
Includes an address by a guest speaker.

13:00         Lunch

14:00         Event finishes