Friends of YEM: The First Meeting!

This Wednesday was the first meeting of the Young European Movement UK’s new initiative, Friends of YEM!


Meeting at a pub in London, the gathering was the first of many events hosted by YEM UK and aimed at uniting the older and younger generations of the pro-European community. Taking a break from the usual intense debate and rigorous campaigning, we aimed for a more laid-back get-together, taking time to appreciate the individuals within our movement and sharing a few beers.

The meet-up was attended by all ages – from students in their early twenties to retirees who campaigned long before the UK even joined the EU. The result was refreshingly different to the usual echo-chambers that are age-specific pro-European meetings, and everyone walked away with new ideas, new perspectives and new friends. In a country increasingly divided along generational lines, we found it particularly valuable to bridge those and stress that we all have something new to offer one another and can create a strong and unified force in the UK and across Europe.

From Oxford to Scotland, Kent to Coventry, Cambridge to London, supporters from all over gathered for the inaugural Friends of YEM meeting, giving us confidence that it can be a powerful initiative, as well as giving everyone a welcome break and chance to let of some steam after a whole year of hard work. We will be looking to host similar events regularly all over the country to ensure everyone can take part. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye on our social media to hear about opportunities near you, or drop us a message to suggest a location for our next meeting!

We hope to see you soon!