Fight fascism – 5 minutes on Twitter is all you need!


My morning started by reading a New York Times article about Breitbart news, and how twitter activists are able to fight back against fascist news, especially Breitbart. If you also want to spend 5 minutes doing something good today, read on!

Waking a Sleeping Giant?

A small community has woken up on Twitter, and already it is proving a force to be reckoned with. Sleeping Giants has got the express aim of using customer pressure to redirect advertising revenue away from Breitbart and others like it. It has already met with success and is developing a directory of companies that have pulled their advertising from Breitbart. They have also produced a quick how-to guide on removing advertising from Breitbart.

Why Breitbart?

There’s a lot of fascist junk out there, but to get all of them is like nailing jelly to a ceiling. Breitbart however receives a lot of attention, especially in light of the election of Donald Trump and the appointment of Breitbart’s Executive Chair, Stephen Bannon, as Chief Strategist for the Trump Administration. It is also looked up to by many people across what many call the alt-right, and what I prefer to call, the far-right.

More pertinent for us Europeans perhaps is that its operations in its London office are developing, and it is seeking to establish a presence for the French and German elections this year.

What do we do?

To do your bit as part of the civil society sleeping giant you need to do the following:

  • Follow Sleeping Giants on Twitter (@slpng_giants) and also the European counterpart (@slpng_giants_eu). They can then support your post and keep track of progress with the companies you notice.
  • Visit the Breitbart website, without ad-blocker on. Any adverts you see for companies you recognise, take a screenshot. Make sure the screenshot shows the advert as well as the Breitbart logo and/or web address.
  • Tweet at the relevant company, raising their attention to this politely, including the screenshot, and TAGGING IN @slpng_giants_eu. They will help get your tweets publicised wider, and help the company clear its presence from Breitbart.

In Blue Peter Style, here’s some I made earlier…


Youth Hostel Association:

Cambridge Satchel Company:


How else you can get clued up on the media and hate:

If being a Sleeping Giant isn’t enough for you, then there’s a lot you can do to help tidy up the media landscape. I’m providing just three examples to start you off, and then you can go on and develop your own!

  • stopfundinghate-logoFollow the work of Stop Funding Hate. They have very similar aims to Sleeping Giants, but in more of a UK specific context. There has already been high-profile success, for example with Lego, and a lot of publicity, thanks to their ‘brand-jamming’ John Lewis (see below). They have a website, Twitter, Facebook and a mailing list, if you’re interested.

  • disinforeviewlogoFollow the work of the EU Disinformation Review published by STRATCOM EAST, part of the European External Action Service. They seek to correct and combat false news issued from the Kremlin. Again, you can reach them via Facebook, Twitter, and their website. You can subscribe to weekly updates via newsletter.


  • ipso-logoComplain to IPSO. The Independent Press Standards Organisation is a UK based group that the big newspapers are all signed up to and it is supposed to ensure their ethics are up to scratch. However, they can only chase a complaint, once a complaint has been made. If you think a newspaper is misbehaving make a complaint. Remember be specific, you can’t just say the Daily Mail is a Nazi paper and expect that to solve everything! Look through the IPSO Code of Practice and see if you think any of the rules are being broken.