What is the #GreatBritishImmigrant Campaign?

Following the EU referendum, we at YEM UK were certainly shocked and disappointed with the outcome of the result. This is not to say we all held the same view on the EU. We are an inclusive church, bringing together a number of different views on the role of the EU, the meaning of Europe, European politics. But it can broadly be said that we were upset with the referendum following months of an exhausting, and often rather negative, campaign.

As we are sure you can imagine, despite – or rather, because of – our wide array of views, an organisation called the Young European Movement UK needed to do some soul-searching after the UK voted to leave the EU. And so we have done. Notwithstanding our frustrations with the ways in which the referendum was fought, British media bias against the EU, poor leadership from the UK Government, we do not dispute the result of the referendum. Britain will leave the European Union, and our generation will inherit the consequences.

Nevertheless, Britain will remain European. International and European affairs will still impact our nation, and our role as a pro-European and Internationalist society must reflect this. We will continue to fight for an outward-looking, inclusive, progressive UK. Leaving the EU does not, and should not, mean the country will become an island, and we will strive against reactionary nationalist thinking in our ongoing work.

That is why we have decided to launch our #GreatBritishImmigrant campaign. We fully intend to celebrate those immigrant Brits who made our country what it is. The writers, musicians, thinkers, and figures who built this nation. The people who came to our country, shaped our culture, and left it a better place. Here’s hoping many more people are given the chance to become Great British Immigrants. Through this campaign, we will fight for the continuation of this opportunity in a post-Brexit world. We are proud Brits, as well as pro-immigration, a stance that now more than ever, is important to underline.

If you would like to help us in this campaign, please do feel free to donate any amount you have to the Young European Movement UK. Just five pounds can help us purchase leaflets, printed resources, and public advertising to ensure our progressive and international outreach has the desired impact. Thank you for your continued support.