Public Statement on the Terror Attacks in Berlin


The Young European Movement UK
Statement on the Berlin Terror Attacks
December 2016

The Young European Movement UK wishes to extend its thoughts and condolences to the victims and their families of yesterday’s cowardly attack in Berlin.

This attack echoes those of recent months and years across Europe, and so our statement shall broadcast the same message: we still refuse to be intimidated by violent tactics. Though those who have been murdered are the victims of terror, it is the survivors who are its targets. The aim of the perpetrators is to intimidate, divide and weaken those left behind in the aftermath.

Europe will not be intimidated, we will not be divided and we will not be weakened.

We urge everyone to remain vigilant against populist rhetoric, and those who will try to capitalise on this event and use it as justification for hate and intolerance, be that in your newspapers, on your Facebook feeds or at your dining table. The actions of a tiny minority should not define our perception of an entire group of people, and it is our duty to ensure that view. We encourage everyone to join us in making it their mission to fight scaremongering, xenophobia and populism, wherever it may present itself, and defending a united Europe, welcoming to all who support it.

Europe’s values of freedom, democracy and tolerance will not be held hostage by terror.

Solidarity from Great Britain,

The Young European Movement UK