The attack on Berlin – if anything, proof European Integration works

The recent tragedy that took place in Berlin has had political capital made out of it by all sorts. Some, like Nigel Farage or Geert Wilders, have pinned blame on Europe’s migration policies and particularly Angela Merkel’s Willkommenspolitik.

Others, like UEF, have used the occasion to call for further integration, so we can better prevent and more quickly respond to such attacks.

However, let’s not forget that almost everything around this attack shows that European integration so far has been a great and good thing.

First, take the truck driver. Lukasz Urban, from Poland, seems to have tried to fight off the hijacker’s attempt to commit the attack in the first place. A Pole trying to defend the German capital is a pretty powerful symbol of the ability of the European project over the last decades to bring our tribes together in solidarity, if ever there were one.

Second, a British trucker, Dave Duncan, established a crowdfunding to support Mr Urban’s family, whom he had never met. It reached its £50,000 target rapidly, and is now (at the time of writing), nearing £100k! After years of attempts by the media to marginalise Poland and its people, solidarity has still managed to overcome.

You can donate HERE if you are want to do something positive this Christmas.

Third, the man who committed this atrocity has been caught and killed in Milan by the police forces there. Undoubtedly, the Italian police relied on European intelligence sharing, and took on the terrorist as though he had attacked Rome itself.

Finally, let’s not forget the outpouring of grief and solidarity shown to the people of Berlin following this attack. Using YEM examples alone, you can find empathy from Edinburgh:

To Paris:

To our European Parliament:

Sure, people will continue debating Islam’s position in Europe, the best solutions to the refugee crisis, and so on. But Christmas is about pulling light from darkness, and making merry while the days are short and nights are cold. At such a time, we should remind ourselves then that the candle of the European project continues to burn.

Fröhliche Weihnachten liebe YEMers 🙂