Reflections of a heartbroken Euroholic

By Georgia Bachti, YEM UK Treasurer   From scaremongering and elitism to loss of touch with the public and blind submission to corporate interests, the Remain side became the target of various accusations in the months leading up to the referendum. When engaging with them, Remainers passionately rejected them as dishonest communication ploys. The morning Read more about Reflections of a heartbroken Euroholic[…]

Brexit and a Federal Europe

By Ariane Forgues ‘If Europe has not moved towards a federation of states yet, that is simply because the Brits didn’t want to.’ Oh, how spread that idea is amongst continental federalists! Oh, how easy things would be if such was today’s situation! Actually, why is Europe still waiting to become a federation now that Read more about Brexit and a Federal Europe[…]

Brexit: a Real Stinging Sensation

By Liam McDonald, YEM UK International Officer Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a minor obsession with both the EU and with bees: so imagine my excitement when I was asked to write an article about the two. Over the last hundred years or so, bee populations have vastly decreased for a number Read more about Brexit: a Real Stinging Sensation[…]