QOTM: UKIP Mythbusters by Bettina Wolff

By Bettina Wolff a member of YEM Warwick

As I pointed out in this article, the emergence of UKIP is simply a reflection of the mainstream parties’ failure to address the issues UK citizens are actually concerned about.

Unfortunately this, however, leaves UKIP to shape the debate with regard to those issues, as they are the first to bring them up. This is also mainly due to the fact that the UK government is largely responsible for those issues/systemic failures but obviously prefers blaming them on “Europe” respectively letting Nigel Farage doing so rather than admitting their own mistakes, which would be the only way to solve the problems that do indeed exist.

Also Farage himself is clearly NOT a “man of the people” as he claims, but a member of the so-called “elite”, which makes him a hypocrite and opportunist. This is pointed our brilliantly by Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt in a EU plenary speech on the fight against tax avoidance on 12th November 2014.

The BBC, like many other British news media outlets, seems to have failed in staying impartial with regard to UKIP though, as shown by the petitionStop giving Nigel Farage disproportionate airtime on Question Time”.

Despite leading a party with no elected Members of Parliament, Nigel Farage has appeared on the BBC’s foremost political discussion programme more often than any other British politician: 14 times since 2009. This utterly disproportionate airtime runs contrary to the BBC’s duty as a public service broadcaster to provide balanced coverage.

Furthermore, the British media failed to report that “The UK is successfully pursuing its policy objectives in the EU, according to a new report dismissing the idea of Britain as isolated and lacking in allies”.

This also proves that blaming “Europe” does not make any sense, if you think it through properly, as the UK actually IS A PART OF EUROPE and therefore partly responsible for everything that might go wrong within it.

For that reason Farage himself and the likes of him are actually an essential part of what goes wrong in European institutions, as he refuses to work towards solutions while still being paid. That is why Guy Verhofstadt says the “biggest waste of EU resources is Nigel Farage’s salary”.