Where to?

By Laura Krawczyk (Local Branch Officer of YEM UK)

It’s finally the time to relax, take a step back from your everyday chores and open the piggy bank to go on holiday. Living in the UK has to do a lot with how you handle the weather. There is little or no sunshine, rains hourly or daily, and there are always white bedsheets known as clouds duct taped to the sky, with tons of water just waiting to brake and give you a free of charge chilly wash. There is no such thing as putting your wellies in the back of the cupboard or replacing your winter clothes with your summer garments.

Should you wish to go abroad to experience some sunshine and perhaps get a natural tan, here are a few recommendations of underappreciated locations for the months ahead:

1. Cracow
Being the heart of Poland has its perks. The city is extremely accessible from all corners of Europe. The Castle of Kings Wawel is a very popular tourist attraction. The city holds something for everyone: the Auschwitz concentration camp for the history enthusiasts; the Galeria Krakowska for the shopaholics; the Wieliczka salt mine for the unhealthy; the Let Me Out game for the Sherlock Holmes in all of us. Hostels and hotels in the Old Town are relatively inexpensive, food is very cheap, whilst the atmosphere and scenery is priceless. Food places to visit: Charlotte for breakfast, Wedel for an afternoon hot chocolate, and any of the restaurants serving quality Polish food for lunch and dinner.krakow-754659_1280

2. Dijon
dijon-800910_1280Being the renowned city of mustard, its charming sights are often overlooked by the foodies. It’s located 3h away from Paris and Geneva. The city has just over 150 thousand residents and is the birthplace of Gustave Eiffel. It has a very good public transport system which you’ll work out in no time. The Notre Dame de Dijon cathedral is a feast for the eyes of the believers as well as the admires of architecture. The Gothic Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy is a must see for history lovers and fans of the tv show Reign. The most pleasant quality that the city has to offer is the feeling of being large and small simultaneously, you’ll have to go there to see exactly what I mean by that. I would recommend having a picnic in one of the parks with French delicacies that are to die for. My favourite food place is Pierre Hubert which does such tasty and aesthetically appealing desserts that you only eat them with your eyes.

3. Ypres
The city that made Britain join the First World War. Renting a bike and having a tour of the town is a definite must. There are a few museums which give you the opportunity to travel back in time. There are trenches from the Great War, which make you question your morality and the meaning of life. Every evening at 8pm, there is a Last Post ceremony where the fallen are remembered by a minute of silence. After the ceremony, a pub crawl where you taste famous Belgian beers, waffles and potato chips is recommended.war-618895_1280