Board Banter – 7th June 2015

YEMINCoverAfter National Board meetings, we write a brief post to let you know what’s happening up here in the Ivory tower. We’ll give an overview of what we discussed; the most important action points; any important details YEM members should know about; and our YEMers In The Limelight!

If you have any questions for the board, or you wish to put forward the names of people who need to be put In The Limelight, then drop an e-mail to!


Key Items of Discussion (x2!):

This issue we’re reporting back on not one, but two board meetings that have happened in fairly quick succession! After a move from Skype to Google Hangout (for the banter), we also welcomed Anna Wilson who will be working on YEM Communications, and Tim Otway who will be supporting us on our fundraising strategy and managing the membership database. We extend a big ‘good luck’ to them and a thank you to Leopold Kucharczyk who is heading to Paris for the year and will be serving as an asset to their section over in Paris!



The item appeared on the agenda again and it turns out the London branch is planning YEM branded goodies too so Tim and Anna will be working with them to see if we can create and fund some great things for YEMers to wear and share around the network.


We’re getting especially promising signs in the north of the country with Edinburgh formally voting to become a YEM section and talk about starting something in Stirling too. We’ve also generated a bit of interest down in Surrey and are keeping a close eye on our other branches that are currently doing their committee handovers etc.

The referendum campaign

We have begun to put together thoughts on the YES campaign for young people and work has begun with the European Movement, British Influence, Business for New Europe, the British Youth Council, and the National Union of Students. We are constantly looking out for ideas of what to do so please do get in touch on if you have any suggestions!

The website

Anna has already begun a comprehensive review of our communications platforms and has some clear aims to make things prettier and more on message, most importantly the website! If you have any questions or ideas, do get in touch with her on !


YEMers in the Limelight:

Over the last fortnight we have had several impressive YEM members:

The board wanted to shine the limelight on Anja Teichert of YEM London for her great work on their branch’s communications strategy and taking the initiative, keeping us lot on our toes!

Next on our list was Christopher Marland who has led the way in creating an Edinburgh branch of YEM! We have high hopes for the section and look forward to working with it as we fight the referendum and spread the EuroLove!

We also wanted to extend a thanks to our Honorary Secretary, Allan Witherick, who has been more helpful than his usual helpful self and did some great work behind the scenes for us on our membership system etc.

And finally we wanted to draw a little focus to sexism in the workplace. We have a female majority team up at YEM UK and the subject of sexism does remain a big issue in politics. So as we put this issue into the limelight we simply remind all of you to keep an eye open for discriminatory comments, and use YEM to help make the political sphere a more tolerant and progressive place!

If you want to suggest a YEM member to be put in the limelight, then please drop us an e-mail!  Regardless we will keep an eagle-eye open for any great work coming out from the members!

Next Meeting:

Our next meeting will be on Sunday 14th June 2015 where we will be discussing the creation of a YEM Scotland regional section, along with much else! Remember, you can always get in touch with any member of the National Board. We’re there to support any pro-European, anywhere.