Activity Report: YEM Oxford

I. Activities

The National Board is aware that YEM Oxford has been undergoing changes in the Committee in May, which led to the nomination of Gael Sirello as the new President and Hristo Boshnakov as new Vice-President. Due to understandable time constraints, the academic year finishing before the end of June, this resulted in the impossibility to organisthe events the section intended during its previous meeting earlier in the year. 

II. Positions, articles and motions

Suggested by the National Board, YEM Oxford has contributed to the YEM Debate with a 2-pages piece highlighting some of the most relevant elements why the UK should stay in the EU.

Besides, Gael and Hristo are glad that their motion about 2015 Greek elections, presented at the YEM General Meeting in late February, has been voted with a striking 90% majority.


III. State of the section

The present Committee is composed of:

President: Gael Sirello
Vice-President I: Hristo Boshnakov
Vice-President II: David Kemperer
Treasurer: Julian Ostrowski

The President expresses his concern with regard to the renewal of the Committee and executive positions. Although a demand from a new member has been received, under present circumstances, no one in the section has expressed her/his will to take executive positions for next year. Should you be someone who would be willing to take on a position on the local board, please message local[at]

However, he points out the potential strategic political importance of YEM Oxford. Fiercely advocating the need for new ideas and strategies to fight for European ideals, he hopesincerely that, in the future, the Oxford section will be able to acquire a relevant role in renewing the European debate, particularly considering the 2017 challenge.

Cordialement europei,

Gael Sirello & Hristo Boshnakov