The New Federalist – Call for Articles (May 2015)

The New Federalist is the online news magazine of JEF-Europe and anyone can write for it freely to share on all the latest news and views on current affairs, Europe, and federalism. Each month a call for articles is released (though other topics can be written on too). The topics are separated below thematically for you. If you wish to submit an article to TNF or have any questions, e-mail the Editorial Team at

Current Affairs:

  • EU summit on migration strategy.
  • Center Party wins elections in Finland.
  • The EU prepares to sue Google over antitrust charges.
  • Hungary’s Prime Minister opens the debate for death penalty in the EU.



  • Is there progress in TTIP negotiations?
  • Bulgaria in front of a banking crisis. How can the EU avert it?
  • Yanis Varoufakis sidelined from bailout talks. Is there a shift in the Greek politics?



History & Culture:

  • EuroReino Unido.svgEurovision song contest. How much do politics matter?EuroAustria.svg
  • May 5 – Europe’s day.



Enlargement and neighbours:

  • Mediterranean Sea: The border between hope and death.File:Gazprom Logo.png
  • Gas talks between EU, Russia and Ukraine.


Thinking Federalist:

  • UK General Elections – towards a Federal UK? The role of smaller and regional parties on British politics.File:United Kingdom colors.png






Global Affairs:

  • Hillary Clinton candidature for the Democrats. Is she gonna make it?File:Hillary Clinton official Secretary of State portrait crop.jpg


Future of Europe:

  • UK General Elections: Implications for Britain’s relationship in the EU over the next File:Shield of the European Union.svgfive years.



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