UK youth standing with Europe: let us vote, it’s our future

Following the General elections in the UK and the official announcement of an in-out referendum, the Young European Movement asks British citizens and politicians not to jeopardise their future and to give them a say in the referendum.

British membership of the European Union gives young people here huge opportunities in terms of education, jobs and essai-logo-YEMcultural exchanges. The Young European Movement does not want to see British youth being isolated from the amazing benefits that come with Erasmus, freedom of movement and European citizenship. Considering how seriously our future is now at stake, we call for young people to have the right to vote from age 16 upwards in the upcoming referendum.

Businesses, universities, city councils, individuals… the number of people who benefit from our EU membership is huge. We ask every British citizen to reflect on their personal situation and think about what the EU has brought them and their families, to get involved in the debate and to cast their vote wisely in the referendum.

Since the UK signed up to the European project and ‘ever closer union’ just over forty years ago, our country has profoundly influenced its direction, development, and improvement. The Young European Movement asks politicians to refrain from using Europe as a scapegoat for this country’s internal problems and rather face up to our social and economic problems with honesty and integrity, so that they can be definitively resolved. As part of this, we demand the publication and proper advertising of the results of the Review of Competences carried out in the last Parliament. The report was paid for with taxpayers’ money and reflects the views of all those who answered the government’s call for contributions. The European Union Committee of the House of Lords has thus said that they “are disappointed by the Government’s failure to take effective steps to publicise either individual reports or the Review as a whole.”

Finally, the Young European Movement stands firm in its conviction that there are principles behind the European project which cannot be questioned. The European Union is the cornerstone of lasting peace and cooperation. Together with its partner organisation JEF-Europe, YEM will resolutely campaign for ever-closer Union, the breakdown of barriers to movement, and the respect of fundamental rights and liberties across Europe.