May Activity Report: YEM Warwick

This month we had a talk from Sir Richard Lambert who is our university’s Chancellor and formerly both the Editor of the Financial Times and Director General of the Confederation of British Industry. A slightly disappointing turnout, only to be expected during exam-season, meant we had a more intimate Q&A session as a result. Sir Richard outlined why the EU was crucial for business and government. He gave an interesting perspective on the partisanship of modern media, raising awareness of the mostly unmentioned Balance of Competencies review in the process. He said he’d be sending out letters during the Referendum and spoke about how we can lead the campaign during the Referendum. As he reminded us, George Osborne’s scaremongering did little good during the Scottish referendum – we must therefore present a positive case for the EU.

In other news, our very own Anna Wilson attended her 2nd JEF seminar, this time at the XVI. International Berlin Seminar – ‘Europe in or Out?’. Of her experience she writes:
Earlier this month, I attended the 16th annual Berlin international seminar hosted by JEF Deutschland. The focus of discussion was “solidarity” and over the course of the four day, we addressed questions like the economic crisis, issues of migration and European core values. 70 people from 19 different countries attended and debated how to promote solidarity within the EU. After splitting off into smaller sections to address separate issues, we re-grouped and ended the seminar by presenting our findings to everyone. We explained the problems we faced, what an ideal situation would look like and then how we will aim at achieving it. We were all able to go home to our respective countries with new knowledge, perspectives and ideas.

Activity report written by Tim Otway 11219111_10155572184995554_4134466894248193655_n11009343_737067233071307_8153783154532842468_n