Board Banter – 17th May 2015

10006362_894303987319992_2878174119970826490_nAfter National Board meetings, we write a brief post to let you know what’s happening up here in the Ivory tower. We’ll give an overview of what we discussed; the most important action points; any important details YEM members should know about; and our YEMers In The Limelight!

If you have any questions for the board, or you wish to put forward the names of people who need to be put In The Limelight, then drop an e-mail to!


Key Items of Discussion:


This week was a relatively brief meeting to catch-up with what we are all doing but nonetheless there were a few important takeaways:

1. CliqStart App:

YEM UK has established a presence on the iPhone app CliqStart (hopefully to come to Android soon). We are hoping to use it to increase the number of people we get involved with the organisation and it can be used to encourage people to campaign, spread pro-european love around, or get donations. Feel free to download it and look us up for yourself!

2. Policies on Human Rights and Electoral Reform:

The Board is considering developing a couple more policy positions for YEM UK to take in light of this month’s events. Firstly we are discussing the idea of calling for electoral reform such that the UK moves to a more proportionally representative system and to support the work of the Electoral Reform Society in presenting clear alternatives that would be better. Secondly we have become deeply troubled by the political discussion about scrapping the UK Human Rights Act and potentially withdrawing from the ECHR. If you have any views on these topics then do feel free to e-mail in as we will be making some decisions on them as a board next meeting.

If you wish to support the Electoral Reform Society’s petition for changing the voting system then click HERE.

If you wish to support a petition drafted by our International Officer (Chris Powers) then visit HERE.

3. Local Branches:

Our local branches officer will be continuing her excellent work in connecting the periphery to the centre and we discussed a few areas where we need to do more to support branches. We are also really keen to hear from members of the branches to think of ways that we can help you flourish!

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YEMers in the Limelight!

This week we had THREE members of YEM that we were particularly impressed by:

Chris Warzecha nominated Leopold Kucharczyk of YEM London for his invaluable work on boosting the branch’s social media presence – and getting their Facebook page over 1000 likes!

Anja Teichert and Sarah Voulaz were chosen by YEM’s President Bettina Wolff for their great work on organising the Europe Day event in London.

Bettina also wanted to give a special kudos to Laura Krawczyk, YEM UK’s Local Branches Officer because in spite of Law Exams, she managed to keep supporting our network of local branches through a busy time of General Elections and Europe Days without breaking a sweat! Well done Laura! 🙂

If you want to suggest a YEM member to be put in the limelight, then please drop us an e-mail!  Regardless we will keep an eagle-eye open for any great work coming out from the members!

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Next meeting:

Our next meeting will be on Sunday 31st May 2015 but we will be keeping in touch in the interim, just as any of you can always drop us an e-mail if you want to speak with us! We’re there to support any pro-European, anywhere.  🙂