Up in Uppsala and anything but bored in Bordeaux ;)

April’s update from the International Officer!UppsalaFC

Hi everyone, during the weekend that has just passed I represented YEM UK at the JEF Europe Federal Committee. In Uppsala, Sweden, despite the bad weather, we got through a lot of much-needed discussion and had a lot of fun. Below is a brief summary of what happened:

CWikstroemThe FC opened with a talk given by Cecilia Wikström MEP who called for the need for more women to get involved with politics (and in the YEM too!), and gave some witty one-liners such as “It takes two to tango; right now nobody wants to dance with Turkey”.  It was an entertaining talk that set things off on a good start!

We were all updated on the progress of JEF Europe and its national sections. Updates were given on the progress of sections that have been struggling lately, and some positive news came in the form of JEF having a healthy set of finances!Vote1

The FC passed resolutions in its three political commissions : PC1 on Institutions & Governance, PC2 on Internal European Policy (the one I belong to) and PC3 on External Affairs & Global Europe. Any YEM member can get involved with these groups via their Facebook groups so please click the links! Of particular interest were the policies passed on extra-European immigration and encouraging the political participation of young people. Yours truly did a lot of language washing (#GrammarNazi, #TypoNazi)  as the resident native-Brit so hopefully all will be well in that department!

Chatting with JEFers in one of the sessions for my Task Force! :-)

Chatting with JEFers in one of the sessions for my Task Force! 🙂

The FC also has several Task Forces which are intended to develop ideas and methods to better improve how JEF works at all levels of the organisation. I chaired discussion in the Task Force for small and new sections. On it, we discussed the Twinning Programme, the sharing of best practices, and the creation of a Europe-wide map to cover ALL of JEF’s hundreds of local branches! Again, click the links to find out more and if you have any questions, do ask!




The final piece of big news is the forthcoming release of an app made by JEF Europe! Stay tuned for more news on this item!

I think that’s about it on the FC front, a fun time was had by all, and these events always make you come back to the UK with renewed energy to fight the eurosceptics and have some great events! You can see JEF’s full photo album HERE.

Which reminds me:

JEF France is organising a seminar in Bordeaux which we have supported. It will be taking place the 23rd-26th April and with a participation fee of only €15 (not to mention travel reimbursements up to €250EUR), there’s absolutely no reason why you should not sign up!

Click HERE, fill in the Google form ASAP, and join me for a cheeky trip to France! 😀

All that is left to say is:

JEF's Secretary General, Ioan Bucura?, blending in with the locals...

JEF’s Secretary General, Ioan Bucuras, blending in with the locals…

Chris 🙂

Chris Powers
International Officer
YEM United Kingdom