Board Banter – 19th April 2015

2a6942d4-71b9-4067-84bd-2c4d22ee25ceThe National Board thought that, to make ourselves more transparent, we would write a brief post after each of our meetings on Skype to let you know what’s happening up here in the Ivory tower. We’ll give an overview of what we discussed; the most important action points; any important details YEM members should know about; and our YEMers In The Limelight (individuals who have made a recent positive contribution to the organisation that has been raised to our attention).

If you have any questions for the national board, or you wish to put forward the names of people who need to be put In The Limelight, then drop an e-mail to!


Key Items of Discussion:


1. Autumn Seminar:

The National Board is putting together an application for funding for a YEM UK seminar to be held in the Autumn. The application is due on the 4th May and so we will be busying ourselves with that for the time being.

2. Vote on a Motion:

We need more people to vote on the motion that was presented by YEM Oxford. You just need to e-mail ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘abstain’ with a subject title of ‘MOTION ONE’ to! Remember this policy will determine the views YEM UK expresses in public so don’t just ignore it! You can find the motion HERE.

3. Membership system:

There was a lot of discussion about the YEM UK membership system and we resolved to improve our communication with the local branches on this so that our central membership figure reflects our true size, but also so every person on the grassroots can enjoy the full benefits of being a paid-up YEM member.

4. YEM website:

We had a conversation about the YEM UK website which we want to try and improve the appearance of. Bettina is rattling through a shopping list of demands for it which will hopefully be implemented. As ever though, content is king, and so we need individual members and local branches to submit more pieces for the website. We have a couple of ideas of how to encourage this, but any further suggestions (and obviously contributions) are always welcome.

5. Europe Day & EU <3 UK action:

Europe Day and the EU <3 UK action got a lot of coverage. Lots of the local branches have committed to CBNEUUKactivities to celebrate the day. We are happy to give ideas to those still unsure of what to do. We encourage individual members to get involved too and send in pictures of themselves holding signs saying why Britain should remain in the EU and why it should be proud to be European! For info on the action follow the LINK!

6. Merchandise:

We are investigating the logistics of designing, sourcing and selling YEM-branded merchandise. Stickers, badges and T-shirts all came up in the conversation today. If you have any thoughts on this, drop us a message!

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YEMers in the Limelight!

This week we had two members of YEM that we were particularly impressed by:

In YEM London we have Chris Warzecha who was responsible for the great coordination on the British side of their recent twinning exchange with the Jeunes Européens of Sciences Po Paris! Future plans for the branch are to expand this twinning into a tripleting of London, Paris, and Berlin. Keep an eye on this one!

Much further north, the board also decided to put the Treasurer of YEM St Andrew’s, Andrea Walker, in the limelight. We’ve been in contact over the last 1-2 weeks discussing the membership system and the board was highly impressed by the hard work and punctuality put in by her to help us with our work. It’s great to have positive working relationships with all of our branches and to see the energy with which Andrea and the team up in St Andrew’s work on improving the branch and strengthening the cause.

If you want to suggest a YEM member to be put in the limelight, then please drop us an e-mail!  Regardless we will keep an eagle-eye open for any great work coming out from the members!

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Next meeting:

We are likely to have our next Skype meeting on the 10th May 2015 and will keep in touch with each other by e-mail and Facebook (as always). We’re entering exam term for most of the National Board members (and most YEM members) and so we’re keeping the deep meaningful conversations down to a minimum and hoping to work as efficiently as possible. We will of course remain available to the members though, and we’re there to support any pro-European, anywhere.  🙂