March 2015 Activity Report – YEM Warwick

Our main event this month was a talk on the highly topical issue of Greece and the Eurozone. The subject’s relevance meant that we had a good turnout for our two speakers, both of whom approached the question of Greece’s future economic state and place within the Eurozone from a number of different and illuminating perspectives, which the media have often failed to pick up on. The first speaker, Andreas Kokkinis, considered the question of the youth unemployment relating to EU Directives, whilst Christian Soegaard was clear that economically, it is unlikely Greece will be able to succeed without the EU.

Aside from this, we were also active in helping out at an ‘Inside Scoop on EU Careers’ event which had a number of high-profile speakers and allowed for a valuable networking session. In addition, we also organised a successful pub crawl with the German Speaking Society. Both events have helped to promote the movement and as such we have reached a landmark 300 likes on our Facebook page.

Lastly, we are currently looking through applications for next year’s team to carry on the good work.

Report by Tim Otway, Vice-President of YEM Warwick.