February Activity Report – YEM Cambridge

10896446_883303911690110_1699480788290674186_oDear YEMers,

This month has definitely been one of the best for YEM Cambridge, as we are launching a new project that we hope will revive the section. The EU Political Action Committee is a group of about 10 students whose aim is to promote the question of Europe at the UK general elections in May. It is a think tank, in the sense that we will provide reflections and objective facts about the EU, a platform for debate, in that we will organise debates and events with parliamentary candidates, and finally a lobby group, as we will campaign for Europe, regardless of any party affiliation. At the moment, we are starting from scratch so we are tryning to bring content to the project, but also to develop an identity and a university-wide awareness. We woul be very happy to have any advice (how to publicise effectively etc…) and maybe to discuss the possibility of spreading the project to other places. Please contact me if you have any thoughts. We will keep you all posted of the evolutions of Cambridge EU Political Action Committee.

Matteo Mirolo