QOTM: Would more knowledge about the EU decrease euroscepticism? by Laura Krawczyk

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is calling for more “EU education in schools across Europe to prepare the next generation and to nurture a European approach”. It has been proven that education is the best weapon one can acquire and nurture. To be educated is to be knowledgeable; to be knowledgeable is to think for oneself. It is crucial for one to think independently and be able to back their ideas by solid arguments.

Politics in Europe can be divided into ‘pro-European’ and ‘eurosceptic’. The prior appeals for an ‘in’, whilst the latter wishes an ‘out’, from the European Union. More knowledge about the EU would guarantee an awareness of the EU’s morals and what it stands for. If one understands the vast web of one’s habitat, it is more likely that one will adapt to one’s surroundings and fight for what one thinks is right. It is very easy to buy into UKIP’s lies if you are not willing to dig deeper and educate yourself with the truth. As Galileo Galilei said: “all truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them”.

The truth is a powerful weapon that has to be wielded and sharpened like the blade of a dull sword. If the political arena is the roman colosseum, and the truth about the EU is the sword, then your life in this treacherous battle will hinge on your skills (usage of arguments), weapon (the truth), and your opponent (the uneducated eurosceptic). Should you have the right sword, but not have the necessary skills to slay your opponent, then you will fail. Should your opponent be more proficient with the use of a sword then you, you will fail. However, when you have the necessary skills and the necessary weapon to combat your opponent, you will prevail. Prevailing means that more knowledge about the EU would decrease and eventually obliterate euroscepticism, since their view hangs not on the truth but on a version of the truth. If we lived in a world where no human being could tell lies, eurosceptics would not be very talkative, if not completely and utterly mute. That’s what my ideal utopia would be: a world where no lies could be crafted, and where no shield of money could exist to stop the Sword of Truth.