QOTM: Would more knowledge about the EU decrease euroscepticism? by Chris Powers

Knowledge can only take you so far. If we throw one figure into the ring, the Eurosceptics will simply throw another. By the time the wombles over at the BBC have established we are the ones telling the truth, the debate will already be over and we will be dead in the water. What we need now more than our consistent pumping of facts, is to play the likes of UKIP in the battlefields of hopes and dreams, fears and nightmares. Where Eurosceptics dream of a sepia-tinted past ignoring the many many injustices that characterised that time, we can look forward. We need to emphasise the good things the European project has done for the UK, gather the personal testimonies of working-class families being able to try new foodstuffs for the first time in the 1970s, of being able to travel more freely than ever in the early 1990s, of being able to go on Erasmus in the 2000s and meet new and amazing people! Not only do we need to toot our own horn, we need to look forward. What do we want the EU to do for us on raising our standards of living, protecting our environment, reducing inequality, broadening our horizons etc etc? With popular support, the EU can be the best possible platform to help ordinary folks achieve what they strive for and get out their governments what they want and need. In short, let’s be ambitious, and let’s move from being defensive all the time to actually projecting the Great British European Future!