Old YEM Facebook hacked

We are sorry to report that our old Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/oldyemgroup/) was hacked earlier today with the group being marked secret and the authorised administrators removed.  As a result we are unable to see in to the group or affect changes to it.

It had been kept open as we were aware that a number of past members still used it to keep in contact with old friends are we are truly sad that this has happened.  The action was not authorised by the Young European Movement Executive.

We have tried to contact the individual listed by Facebook as having done this, however we appear to have no mutual friends with the individual so our messages have been confined to their infamous “Other” in box,

It is of course a great time to remind you that you can Like us on our official page: https://www.facebook.com/youngeuromove

Or of course find out what we’re doing at www.yem.org.uk

Finally, don’t forget, our elections are just around the corner!  Check out http://agm2014.yem.org.uk/ for more details – don’t make this sad selfish act put you off getting involved.