Presidential Musing: February

Happy February YEMers! 2014 has got off to a great start and there’s lots of good news, lots of reason to feel positive, and lots more to look forward to!



Firstly, a warm welcome to our new YEM sections in Glasgow and in St Andrews which are now Facebook official! (,

The JEF Europe Federal Committee is also coming along nicely with a great weekend planned at the end of March. So popular is YEM UK to fellow pro-Europeans that applications to attend have exceeded the number of accommodation places available. As such, we’re now looking into making the FC even bigger!! Please drop me an e-mail if you have any questions about it, or visit our dedicated website: )There have also been great events held in the London and Warwick branches so there’s lots to feel positive about! If you’re doing anything in a local branch that’s noteworthy, send us your stories and your photos to . We really want to showcase all the great things YEM is doing across the country and all of you reading this are key to that!

I have also had an especially European start to the year. In Cambridge, I’ve been eating homemade cake at lunchtime seminars on EU data protection, and nuclear energy policy. In London, I along with all the YEM National Board, attended


the European Movement National Council meeting where we talked about YEM-EM cooperation at the local branch level. Though, the highlight of my first month of the year has been turning a

charity fundraising event into a weekend getaway and an informal chance to see some of our counterparts in JEF France! Shameless plug to follow, I went on Jailbreak where teams of two have 36 hours to get as far from their university as possible without spending their own money to get away and raising money for charity. I raised around £700 in on and offline donations and reached Paris where wine was drunk, conversations were hand about the upcoming FC, and the Eiffel Tower was climbed – at night! (P.S If you fancy sponsoring you have until the end of February at ) 😉

All in all, it’s been a great first month for pro-Europeanism. Expect to hear from us in the localities about JEF’s annual Belarus action, our plans to increase the young voter turnout for the May elections, and of course developments on the Federal Committee!  As ever, if you need or want anything, e-mail me on !

The warmest of European wishes to you all,

Chris  🙂