Young European Movement National Congress successfully held in Cambridge


Here you can find press releases issued by the Young European Movement UK National Board. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of the board please feel free to drop an e-mail to


Young European Movement National Congress successfully held in Cambridge.

Cambridge, 22/06/2013

Members of the New National Board: Rob Newbery (Vice-President), Joshua Cova (Treasurer), Jess Matthews (Communications Officer), Alessandro Fusco (International Officer), Chris Powers (President)

The Young European Movement in the UK (YEM UK) held its National Congress this Saturday at Robinson College, Cambridge University. A new national board was elected and concrete plans were made to promote and defend Britain’s membership of the European Union against the backdrop of European Parliamentary elections in May 2014 and the possibility of a referendum on membership of the EU in 2017.

Members from all over the country were there representing cities as far flung as Bristol, St Andrews, and Aberystwyth, as well as others coming from London and Cambridge were present at the Congress.

The YEM UK is a non-party national group of people who come together to discuss the relationship between the UK and the rest of Europe. It represents the spectrum of pro-European views across the country and alongside encourages youth participation in politics; it aims to bring the positive arguments of British EU membership to the attention of the wider public. In short, it calls for a Britain that is not only within Europe, but participate in building it.

The newly elected national board consists of people from across the country, and the newly elected President of the YEM UK, Chris Powers, is based in Cambridge.

Three main policy objectives are to be achieved by the national board:

  • Restore some balance to the European debate and bring the pro-European perspective to what has largely been a discussion amongst Eurosceptic newspapers.
  • Encourage citizen participation in the 2014 European Parliament elections, particularly among young people, many of who do not use their vote
  • Begin laying the foundations for a ‘No’ campaign in response to the question of “Should the UK leave the European Union?”


Chris commented on the aims, saying “We really want to include young people in the current political debates since the European election in May 2014 and the referendum on the continued membership of the EU will shape their future more than anybody else. We, as young people, must have our say!”