For a user-friendly European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) – 2010

JEF Europe and the would like to kindly request your attention for the following urgent matter of importance for our organisation, the entire federalist movement and even European civil society as a whole.

As you know, Article 11 of Treaty of Lisbon makes it possible through the new “European Citizens’ Initiative” (ECI) to collect 1 million signatures and invite the European Commission to initiate policy proposals within its entire range of competences.

This is all cool and wonderful but there is a real danger that the ECI instrument as such will be made unusable in practice if the Regulation to make the ECI operational as it was proposed by the Commission on 31st March would be accepted by both the Council and the European Parliament in its current state. The Regulation falls under the co-decision procedure and is right now under discussion by both bodies!

JEF Europe would thus like to kindly ask all to help out in bridging the gap between the EU and its citizens and shaping a more democratic and federal Europe. Please do download and edit the template letter we have created and send it to your MEP, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Journalist or NGOs who you think may be interested in joining the cause. People from non-EU countries are equally invited to raise pressure by contacting, for instance, Commissioner Šef?ovi? Maros to demonstrate their interest in making Europe more citizen-friendly.