My EU campaign – Humans of Europe: London

Humans of Europe: London As part of Young European Movement London ‘s #MyEU campaign to show the human impact of the EU and spark debate about its future, we are giving Europeans in London a platform to share their thoughts on the European project. Equipped with a camera, questions and an EU flag to get […]

YEM UK November Newsletter

Young European Movement UK Working for a stronger European Union with the UK at its heart! Dear members and supporters of YEM UK, Created in the wake of World War II to promote a free and peaceful, hence integrated Europe, it is on us to speak up against short-sighted nationalism now that Europe is at […]

German Unity - Berlin

Question of the month series – The fall of the Berlin Wall means… by YEM Cambridge

Celebrations in Berlin, November 2014 Apparently a butterfly flapping its wings in Japan could set a tornado off in the Indian Ocean. That fateful night there was no butterfly, and the physical distance between the bureaucrat reading a note in front of astonished journalists and the waves of popular rejoicing did not exceed a few […]

Question of the month series – The fall of the Berlin Wall means… by YEM St Andrews

The Fall of the Berlin Wall means that the hopes and dreams of a whole generation were finally fulfilled and not only Germany, but the whole continent of Europe was peacefully reunited. The wall was the physical manifestation that symbolized oppression and abuse of power. It represented the political, economic and mental divide of one […]


President Juncker endorsed by European Parliament, congratulations from JEF-Europe

The EB of the Young European Federalists (JEF-Europe) sees potential in the new Commission from a federalist perspective but is worried about the distressing gender imbalance.   JEF-Europe congratulates President Juncker and the whole College of Commissioners for their endorsement by the European Parliament today. Juncker now is the first Commission President elected by the European […]