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Young European Movement UK’s Statement on the 13th November Paris Attacks
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The Young European Movement of the United Kingdom stands with the rest of the world when we say that the news of the terrorist attacks on innocent civilians in France on Friday has shocked and appalled us. We offer our … Read More

QOTM: What difference can one man make? by Dainius Balcytis
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By Dainius Balcytis, a member of YEM Aberdeen Some say that changing the world is a fool’s errand. Efforts of one man are just a drop in the sea, they don’t make a difference against the tides of history. However … Read More

QOTM: How can one person make a difference – the first follower by Chris Powers:
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One person can always make a difference, but the one person I want to focus on is not the idealistic hero that people always focus on, but the loyal first follower.  I watched a really very good TEDTalk on the idea of … Read More

YEM St Andrews: Refugee crisis in perspective report
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On Monday, 12 October 2015, the Young European Movement St Andrews held its first event of the new academic year. More than sixty undergraduate and postgraduate students listened to presentations on the refugee crisis and discussed their views on the European Union’s … Read More

QOTM: A day in the life of Chris Froome by Tim Otway
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By Tim Otway (Treasurer of YEM UK) What men once fought over for centuries, I now cross on my bike. As the door opens, the perfectly mathematical string of lamps light up, each one precisely the same distance apart as … Read More

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