Welcome to World War Three   Recently updated !

I’ve written much before about the start of World War One. The story of that day in Sarajevo that set in motion a series of events that would end in destruction, devastation, and a Europe changed forever has always been one that fascinated me. In part that fascination is from […]



Board Banter – 19th April 2015   Recently updated !

The National Board thought that, to make ourselves more transparent, we would write a brief post after each of our meetings on Skype to let you know what’s happening up here in the Ivory tower. We’ll give an overview of what we discussed; the most important action points; any important details YEM […]


JEF Europe launches Demalert app!

JEF Press Release:  Thursday 2nd April 2015  JEF Europe has issued a free Democracy Alert smartphone application (DemAlert app) available on GooglePlay and iOS. With the DemAlert app JEF Europe aims at raising awareness on the need of updating democracy in Europe, giving the opportunity to young people to discuss, […]

german talk 4

YEM St Andrews: Germany the Powerhouse of Europe report.

On the evening of 23rd February, to a crowded lecture hall in St Salvator’s Quadrangle, the University of St Andrews branch of the Young European Movement delivered an event centred around one of the most existential questions facing European politics today. Against a backdrop of debt-restructuring negotiations in Greece and shellfire in Donetsk, those in […]