Board Banter – 17th May 2015

After National Board meetings, we write a brief post to let you know what’s happening up here in the Ivory tower. We’ll give an overview of what we discussed; the most important action points; any important details YEM members should know about; and our YEMers In The Limelight! If you […]

May Activity Report: YEM London

May kicked off to a very political but also European start in London. YEMers were busy campaigning for (or studying) their respective parties, and on May 9th YEM London hosted a celebration for Europe day with a film screening of the Great European Disaster Movie at King’s College London. The screening was followed by an animated discussion on the impact of Britain’s General Election with […]


#GE2015 – The Hangover

All of Europe has watched the UK’s General Election unfold and most people across YEM are now hugely sleep-deprived watching each constituency announce its results. There are mixed feelings abounding right now with some people already predicting a Euro-calypse for the UK in the next five years. Regardless of which […]

JEF has our back :-)


9th May across the UK

From the North of the UK to the South there’s the opportunity to take part in our May 9th Europe Day events! YEM St Andrews – Come and drink to a better Union! Cambridge University European Society – Punting, Europe, Fun, Free! YEM London – The Great European Disaster Movie! […]


May Activity Report: YEM Cambridge

May is one of the finest months in Cambridge: the sun is usually out, and so are the punts, filling the river with happy faces! Students, however, tend not to see either, being hidden away in their favourite library corners, revising for the upcoming exams. Not so this year, however: […]